Moving My Site

Hi Guys! Hope you're all doing fine. Just a short announcement from me today. I've decided to go a different direction with my blog, and I want to do something a bit more food oriented. Just because I think there's more to explore in that space rather than the more personal stories. Hope you'll support … Continue reading Moving My Site

Starting a Blog | 5 Amazing Blog Ideas/Niches

Starting a blog and not sure what you want to blog about? Here are 5 kickass ideas for you to make a successful blog. Before deciding on what to blog about .... What this post will detail will quite simply just be ideas, of things that at the moment people are scouring the internet for. … Continue reading Starting a Blog | 5 Amazing Blog Ideas/Niches

Cryptohopper | Honest Review

Scam? Legit? I understand that those are really big concerns when you hear things like a cryptocurrency (whether it be Bitcoin or Ethereum) trading bot, so here are my thoughts and my results from using Cryptohopper. IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated, associated or endorsed in any way, shape or form by Cryptohopper. Just somebody … Continue reading Cryptohopper | Honest Review

Thoughts From a Week of Driving Grab in Malaysia

DISCLAIMER: Below are the thoughts of a student doing part-time driving for the sake of a few extra bucks. Do additional research of your own in order to make an informed decision about driving for Grab. (I drive in Johor area) Signing Up Signing up to be a grab driver is easy enough. What you'll … Continue reading Thoughts From a Week of Driving Grab in Malaysia

To All the Boys I Loved Before | Movie Review

I'm not that one to watch soppy love dramas too often, but this was one that I felt I could really get behind. Having an Asian background, I'm all for Asian American representation in Hollywood (or at least Netflix in this case). Lana Condor does a stellar job in what's her big b reak into … Continue reading To All the Boys I Loved Before | Movie Review


I’m someone who hates conflict. But in doing so, it’s something that can perhaps make a really big one. Let me give you an example. Let’s say I’m annoyed with John (made up name). John says he’s sorry about what he’s done. I say to him I’ve accepted his apology. Life back to normal, yes? … Continue reading Avoidant

Korean Drama Haul | August ’18

Been sharing a lot of personal stuff lately, so I thought today I would post something a little bit different for a change, and its' basically the Korean dramas I'm following/have recently watched. Please note, these are entirely just my opinion, so don't let these words deter you from watching any of the dramas listed … Continue reading Korean Drama Haul | August ’18