In many ways, I think that I’m still clueless about myself as a person.

Whilst I’d like to say that I’m cool and composed, I would like to think that I have my personal moments of crisis. Times where I breakdown to myself and have no idea what to do.

Whilst I don’t like to tell a lot of things I keep to myself to people I’m close to, I’m more than happy to divulge into the details to people who have no connections to me whatsoever.

Whilst I always like the idea of surprising my friends, I can’t seem to keep my gob shut.

In many ways, throughout my 2 years at my university, I would like to think that I’m quite a hard person to understand to people. I’m close to many different sets of people, but as I kind of realize to myself, it is hard to label someone (apart from my loving girlfriend), as a ‘really good friend’.

I guess the slight language barriers haven’t really helped. It’s hard to be close with someone you can’t even speak comfortably around. But I try. Try to break down the barriers. Find new companions. I guess thank goodness I played quite a lot of badminton when I was younger instead of pursuing a little more bowling.

But yeah, got to slowly get away from all this and just focus on being the best I can be I guess.

That’s just a small introductory post. Hope that you will just subscribe and drop by in the future.

  • Hope you’re having a splendid day,

Your Typical Lollipop.

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