I’d like to think that I’m social for a lot of the time. I like to go out and meet new people, make new friends. But quite frankly, the big difficulty of ANYONE (and I really mean anyone) is to actually be considered a ‘close friend’ of mine. Put it this way. At present time, I would only consider 2 people to be people who I would trust with my life besides my family. One being my girlfriend even. But quite frankly, here are just a few stories I will share with you.

Here are just a few things I notice about myself.

Personality Trait #1: Private

I value my privacy more than anything. I will actually hate anyone who even tries to invade into my personal space. I guess in many ways that kinda explains my disdain towards a housemate of mine. The story starts like this. When I came to my university, I was put in the same house as this guy. Let’s call him Paul. He’s cool and all, but if there’s one thing about him, is that he doesn’t value privacy at all.

Put it this way, Paul is almost happy to be a third wheel for instance. Along with that, he’s the type to mention every little detail to his parents. When I first started seeing someone in my university –> instantly his parents know, then instantly my parents know (due to this bizarre meeting when I first moved into my living quarters). To be fair, that incident pissed me off a whole lot. Main reason being that I prefer to tell my parents when the time is right, and also because I feel like he doesn’t have any right to do that.

The worst part about this all is that he doesn’t feel that this is abnormal whatsoever. I mean. He literally HAS to call his parents 3 times on a daily basis, DESPITE them coming down every 2/3 weeks or so. This includes an update on what he’s wearing to university on a daily basis. For clarity, we are 20 year old second year medical students for crying out loud.

Sorry, in a little bit of an angry mood because these stories popped to mind as they are in my home today.

Personality Trait #2: Leave Me Alone

Brings me to my second topic. I’m the type that cannot be blunt with anyone. I’m the type that I sincerely hope that people get my message in the form of my actions and my attitude towards things. Its quite annoying actually, and I’m pretty sure if my girlfriend had her way, she would really blow her top regarding this.

As mentioned above. Paul’s parents come down to visit every 2 weeks or so. Here’s what they do when they come down. His mum will go inside his room with him for who knows what reason, and then his dad will be sleeping on the couch outside. This is UBER uncomfortable for me. They also do this thing where they extend an invitation out for BOTH lunch and dinner.

I know its sometimes ultra rude to decline this kind of things, but they come down EVERY two weeks or so. How can I possibly give up one whole day for these people. I mean I’m thankful and all, but just take your son and don’t make me feel so impolite to have declined the invitation. Put it this way, I think I have declined their invitations approximately 4 times in a row now, and in a way tonight I’m forced to have a meal with them (my girlfriend is making me), but why am I in this kind of situation.

Maybe I’m a bit of a baby, maybe I just generally complain about things a lot. Anyways, anyone have any other similar experiences? (if someone reads this please tell me I’m at least semi-sane)

Today’s response was in response to the daily prompt today, which was ‘Aware‘.

3 thoughts on “Antisocial

  1. I fall under the same category, I am an extrovert but when it comes to letting people in my inner space, I rely on few but they are like pillars to me and I respect personal space of others and appreciate if they respect mine.

    Good post!!

    After some years these self doubts will give way to being comfortable in your own skin.


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