Love in the Air

Around this time of year, there’s a really romantic feeling in the air. Especially for Chinese people. Not only do you have Valentine’s Day (pretty much the biggest commercialized love festival), there is also Chap Goh Meh as part of the last day of Chinese New Year.

I guess my perspective of this period has changed a little bit over the last few years. This is definitely in no small part because of the most wonderful girl I have been dating for around 2 years now. I guess in many ways you could say that it gives me something to be excited about – both about giving and receiving. You see, I feel she’s the type who likes the really mushy romantic gestures you see in movies. Yes. I mean kissing in the rain. Yes, I mean dancing under the spotlight in front of everybody.

So yeah. Plan is pretty simple I guess. Nothing too over the top. Just a nice dinner. And flowers, yes flowers as well. Trying a new delivery service flower – pretty sure it won’t be on time given the sheer quantity of demand on Valentine’s Day. But in many ways, whilst my first year in my relationship was rather naive and full of what I guess a lot of people can call ‘puppy love’, we’ve grown a lot since. That we appreciate each other for who we are, that we definitely have out strong points, as well as points that we should be improving.

In many ways, what started as a very fiery kind of love – a lot of passion (I have an Asian background, so I guess the definition of fiery will be slightly milder than a lot of definitions out there) – has grown into a more comfortable and cozy fireplace. Lukewarm almost. (of course I had to fit today’s daily post into my post today.

My perspective these days is: always try to do better than last time…. but leave room for the future when you want to give an even bigger surprise. That’s how you don’t leave your SO disappointed.

But I’m interested. My university isn’t really one for romance – given we’re all busy medical school students. Put it this way, in a batch of 110-ish people, there are only 3 couples. That’s pretty underwhelming for people our age I reckon.

What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day.

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