It’s Finally Here | Valentine’s Day 2017

Not really one to do too many update posts – I normally would much rather just talk about general topics and such but I thought since it was Valentine’s Day, I would make an exception for once.

Let me just be clear on one thing. I’m a pretty shy guy. Whilst if my girlfriend really indicated if she would like something happen – one example that comes to mind would be dancing at my university’s ball last year (we were the first couple to go to be fair to me) – I wouldn’t really do that many public gestures. Let me get one thing straight when I say that. No, that does not mean that I will never do that. No, that does not mean that I don’t do anything in private. Its just so I don’t come off as this guy who does it all the time to the point that they don’t mean anything. If I wanted to, I want it to be really special.

I’ll just talk a little be about how I felt today. If anything, I go into these types of days (important occasions, like my girlfriend’s birthday, our anniversary) with that little bit of nervousness. In many ways, since me and my girlfriend are one of very few couples in my university (coupled by the fact that we are actually I guess the more public ones – since the rest of the people are a bit more conservative), there always seems to be that expectation surrounding what I’m preparing.

I almost get nauseous every time someone says “wow, who did you get those flowers from”, when we’re just passing by. At the very best, its a very uncomfortable situation. I know I shouldn’t be feeling like that, and I know at the end its what my girlfriend thinks, but I don’t know, I just get that feeling on these type of ‘themed’ days. Sometimes I scream to myself saying – its all about what your girlfriend thinks, and the fact that deep down inside you love her very much.

In many ways though, I feel I keep a very headstrong attitude in the sense that I will do what feels right, not over or under do it, and just go through with what I feel is the best despite me feeling maybe slightly differently deep down inside.

But basically, today is Valentine’s Day, and we’re going to I guess a nicer restaurant in Johor. The booking process was nothing short of slightly annoying – given their confirmation and message relaying system was a little messy at best. Hope they at least kinda make it up with decent food and service.

So how’s Valentine’s Day for you guys? Hope you all have a splendid day!

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