Thick Skin

I’d like to think that one of my attributes would be that I’m utterly thick skin. Like REALLY thick skin. I think I mentioned on a previous post that I like to think logically and make sure that my point of view is correct before actually showing that’s my inkling, so I guess this post is kind of an extension to that.

I’m not afraid to say my mind. In a place where I grow up, that is kinda weird I guess. We’ve been taught how to be politically correct, to I guess keep a lot of our inner feelings to ourselves. In many ways, that is the very Asian mindset that we have here in Malaysia. Except when it comes to race and politics in the media – we have lots of tomfoolery to say publicly there, but that’s a whole different issue.

One incident came up a few days ago that was pretty funny. Basically my friendship group consists of this one junior girl (one year younger). My girlfriend isn’t exactly part of this friendship group, but basically I’ve known this junior for about 4 months now. One day me and my girlfriend bump into her at the hawker store outside, and we just eat together. After that meal, that junior proceeded to add my girlfriend on Instagram. Just keep in mind here that this is a) their first time meeting and b) that she hasn’t added me on Instagram despite the fact that I guess we’re close enough.

Fast forward a month later.

We are at the hawker with said friendship group (no girlfriend with me at this point in time), and something was said, and then I said something to the extent of I’m still salty that you added my girlfriend despite only meeting her once and didn’t add me. The proper translation of what I said I guess was: “my heart hurts because you did that”. But I guess this is one example of me not being afraid to say what’s on my mind. Then a hilarious argument between me and her ensues.

She says how angry she feels inside that for so long I’ve felt this way and didn’t just tell her (remember this was about one, two months after she followed my girlfriend), and I guess we just had a pretty funny argument about the whole silliness over it all.

In all honesty, I’ve said a lot of pretty savage stuff as well. I’m not afraid really to tell my girlfriend when she’s wrong – even though she thinks that I should side with her. I refuse to do that sometimes, and I guess it’s my fault I land in hot water from time to time.

My view is that if she’s wrong she should admit her mistake. I will carefully guide her if I feel it is incorrect, and if she doesn’t agree with my point of view, then so be it. I don’t know, maybe I’m just a terrible person for being the person that I am.

So, any thoughts about all of these things? Do leave a like and comment, it really would be appreciated!

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