I’ve kinda hit a writer’s block with regards to new post, so I’m doing what I always do. Bringing out the food. This post will talk about my Valentine’s Day Dinner 2017 at Ros Marino, Johor.

Ros Marino, Johor

Address: 65, Jalan Kuning 2, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Phone: +60 7-333 9033

Booking Proccess

I won’t normally make a meal over everything, but I thought this was worth mentioning. The booking process was slightly annoying if you asked me. I called them initially for a booking – they said they would WhatsApp me the menu before proceeding. Called them two days later and mention I haven’t gotten the menu yet – this time I insisted they reserve a table for me first (thank goodness I did) – and they said that they would send me the set menu. My asking for a table was a little vague, so I had my concerns. At least they called me on the day itself to clarify once more. Although, I’m still a little salty from not having seen the menu yet.

The Food

As always with the special occasion that is Valentine’s Day, they’ve only got set menus. The appetizer included a salad and this pasta that was absolutely delicious. Then for the main you had a choice of chicken or a lamb chop kinda dish. Have to admit – one thing that I’m happy they did was: keep me full. Not only did I feel that the food matched the occasion, as well as tasted good, it did one thing that a lot of restaurants have failed to do on more special occasions – make me full. The dessert was this lovely chocolate cake with this pseudo-ice cream/whipped cream hybrid. Overall, the food was good.

The Service

I would say the service was wonderful. Despite doing the typical Malaysian 2 round of dinner for Valentine’s Day, the service was very helpful, and more importantly for me, they felt like they wanted to offer you a happy night on that special occasion, and those kinds of little things are what I really appreciate in a restaurant. Furthermore, they throw in a rose for your significant other to top the night off. In all, I was very happy with the service that Ros Marino provided.

The Price

One comparison I can make would be to Eight at Lido Hill (Danga Bay area), and boy was this cheaper – and more filling as well. I guess the experience of Eight at Lido Hill can’t really be matched anywhere in Johor, but I definitely feel I got more value from Ros Marino. The total came up to RM 257.20 – we didn’t really have wine or anything, so I guess that might have affected the price slightly.

Overall Rating

I guess no restaurant review can be complete without a proper visitor rating. Here’s mine. For the occasion, and all things considered, I would give it a 8/10. Service and food was good, but not exactly top, top tier – as in I feel you would still see a lot better food elsewhere.

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