Asking Out the Girl

I’ve been swarmed with a lot of work lately, so I really haven’t had much time to post much. However, I thought I would make an exception for today given the really interesting nature of today’s Daily Prompt. Today I’ll be talking about how I asked out my girlfriend and I guess what followed shortly after.

To be honest, I don’t quite know exactly how I got to like my girlfriend. It just kind of happened. We hung a lot due to having the same friendship group, and I guess I just got to like her like that. I honestly think I went from like –> asking her out really, really quickly. I mean a lot of people in my university already sort of gasp in surprise when they hear that we were only in university for about 2/3 months before we started going out.

The jump from like –> asking her out I guess would be thus considered even more drastic. There was one moment in time where I sort of just went for it and after that I didn’t really look back. I would say the defining moment in me deciding to ask her out was a really, really strange question asked by one of my friends in that friendship group (group). The question was something like ‘Who in this room would you date?’ or ‘Who would you think makes a good date in this room’. I don’t know. I just thought I wanted to say her. In many ways, perhaps noone thought to much about it, even her, besides myself.

But basically, I just said ‘I think XXX would make a really CUTE date’. In many ways, I cringe thinking to myself about it. It moved on quite fast from there, but what I remember from that day is that I really had no recollection about anyone’s statements except mine and my girlfriends’. Her answer came right after mine. She does this really cute thing and just pointed to me. No words. MY BIG MOUTH SOMETIMES!!

But yeah. Fast forward two days, and I ask her out by text. I kinda had no choice. Time didn’t really allow, I was really shy. It was a multitude of different factors. But I did it. I thought a countless number of minutes thinking whether I should do it. Once I sent it, I literally just threw my phone far away from me for a minutes. And waited… and waited. (she was showering so yeah) The funny part is. In many ways, I think she rejected me (or not). She said something about her parents coming down on the weekend, and that she was busy with assignment.

Ultimately, it all worked out, and we’re in a happy place right now. Looking back, I’ve never regretted any of these moments in time. I think I mentioned before in an older post. I’m the type of person that thinks, even if we do end up breaking up, or just not being happy, I’ll be thankful for all the happy moments she HAS brought for me, and all the learning about myself that I have done together with her. I’ll save some more stories so I have something to talk about next time.

Do drop a comment. 🙂 It really is appreciated.

via Daily Prompt: Nervous

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