Things that bug me about Medical Students | Part 1

Despite my examinations being around the corner, I decided to pen this post because I guess I’ve gotten to thinking about this a lot daily. These are the few things that you have to be prepared for if you are entering/are presently attending medical school.

  1. You’re Always an Asshole

I don’t know, but I feel this is something that is slightly annoying. Here’s an example. Let’s say there’s this exam that is done in groups. The advantage of the later groups is that they can ask the earlier group about what occurred, and in doing so have an incredible advantage for that exam. (I’m normally talking about practical sessions) So, let’s say you don’t reveal what occurred in the test.

Of course you’re going to look like an idiot. Not only would everyone else tell their friends, so everyone will get the information eventually, but also you will look like this fool who has given up on making friends. Isn’t it my right to keep it to myself? Well, it never is and I guess one way or another you have to reveal in order to at least have a few friends in university. Such is life.

I guess that’s more of an example of how to avoid looking like an asshole. Here’s a proper one where you actually are one.

Imagine a scenario whereby a module, let’s say Microbiology is coming up. There is a limited number, X, textbooks pertaining to microbiology. You bet that one/two weeks before there are these people who start to stockpile these books like they’re going into some bomb shelter. The worst part is I know that they haven’t even started on that – waiting for the lecture – and they just keep extending the books on their own. What this means for everyone? Do this or don’t survive. It is actually pretty annoying.

I almost wish that people would only borrow things which they legitimately require. It is mildly annoying to not have a particular textbook for the whole semester (yes, whole semesters) due to the continual extensions/sharing among friends. It isn’t even like there are very few of these textbooks. The ratio of people doing it is just really extreme.

My third example comes in the form of this attitude where everyone only pretty much talks about how much they have studied. Like legit, I could go to any student, and the ordinary question to ask would be “How’s studying”. I almost wish everyone stopped talking about it. Everyone’s studying. Everyone won’t reveal how well/badly their studying is going in reality. I mean, at the end of the day there are only two real template answers:

      1. It is going terribly
        This applies to pretty much every one – in particular the high scorers.
      2. It is going okay
        I mean I feel this is what people on the lower end of the spectrum would say.

    So you see from the two examples that the answer doesn’t even matter. It will be either one of the two, and it will be an unrealistic representation of the actual question. Can someone please talk about life, or just be a normal person? Sometimes I just wonder.

    Any thoughts? Leave them down in the comments section below

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