Things that Bug Me About Medical School | Part 2

Hello everyone. Been a little busy of late, but just thought I would squeeze this post in for today. Today I’ll be talking about another thing that bugs me about medical school.

Today’s main topic: superiority complex.

Honestly, I don’t get people in medical school. They do so many things that annoy me. I have never seen another university degree in the world that so instantly requires a change to every Instagram about section (the short blurb about yourself) to either ‘Medic’ or ‘Medical Student’ immediately upon acceptance. It almost annoys me every time I see someone’s profile.

I almost feel like people feel its something to be proud of, or something. But at the end of the day, I honestly think it means nothing until you graduate. Until you’ve actually completed the darn journey. Its almost to the point of humble brag. Oh wow, I did well enough to get into medical school (and here I am doing humble brag, but hey, I have to talk about this). Big whoop dude. Everyone else did well enough to get into their course.

I feel there are many other examples of this. Let’s say a medical student is talking to a friend not in medical school. The normal conversation will almost be similar to “Oh my god, so much work, I have barely anytime to sleep. Exam coming up.” almost to the point of not considering that other people have to study for their exams too. That other people have their classes, that other people have to work just as hard for their respective exams. I can’t really think of a better example off the top of my head, but I think you guys can kind of get the idea.

Another example of this would be “Oh my god, I had like 7 lectures today, I have no time to catch up with my work, how many lectures did you have? I’m so jealous”. Can’t stand such people sometimes.

Not too much in the post today, but hope you enjoyed the read!

4 thoughts on “Things that Bug Me About Medical School | Part 2

  1. Try seeing it from the otherside. Getting into med school is hard. There is a lot of competition and I get why people are proud they got in! So I do feel like they can show off at least a little.
    Every degree requires hard work and effort but people expect a lot from medical students. There is almost no room for failure in medical school (it’s normal that there’s no room for mistakes but it makes everything harder).


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