Finding Life’s Purpose

Lately, I feel like I have been overcome by a lot of inspiration. One in particular was a video. The man was a refugee of some sort who achieved I guess his interpretation of success. That video has, in many ways has changed me and forced me to rethink about what I personally find important in my life.

If I find the video, I will edit the link in.

What he said was that he hates people who complain. Of people who feel that life and everything is against them. Then he moved on to say that life doesn’t owe any of us anything and that the only thing that life owes us is an oppourtunity. That really stuck with me. I’m pretty sure that this is 80% exactly what that very man said, so you can tell that it really sunk it for me.

I feel that lately I have been having similar thoughts, that I should definitely make more out of my life. To reduce my bad habits like playing video games and to do two things in particular:

  1. Improve my skill set

This refers to I guess my ability to do things. Since I’m studying medicine, one that would apply would be I guess not wasting my holidays playing video games and I guess studying for USMLE. That’s just an example from an academic standpoint.

From a not so academic standpoint, I am talking about things like let’s say improving my cooking. Improving my fitness, learning a new instrument, something of that sort. Its things that I guess will not only allow me to improve myself, but it also gives me something to talk about with others (not to mention gain a few brownie points during those silly talent shows that you’re bound to have no matter where you go).

2. Improve someone else’s life

I feel like at the end of someone’s life, the thing that will be the easiest to kind of measure how successful your life has been is what you have done to improve someone else’s life, and not just having a life full of fun and adventure. Its more the happiness you can draw out of I guess creating oppourtunities for other people, changing their lives.

I think this is one of the most important things that I will look back on when I get older. Whether I have made a difference in this life of mine.

3. That Everyone’s Goals in Life Would Be Different

I’m not trying to say that those two things are THE definitive guide to succeeding in life. They’re not. They’re mine, and they’re personal. Everyone will have a different point of view on what success in life will constitute. Some may be more to do with a sense of enjoyment in life, doing things that make them happy or some sort.

What are you guys’ thoughts on this? Leave a comment! I really do appreciate some feedback.

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