Ah, Korean culture. Weird to the outsiders, weird to the insiders – but I guess we all love that its weird and different from everything else. Today I’ll just talk a little bit about I guess the Hallyu wave (or the Korean wave) as known to the Western media.

I wasn’t always a Kpop fan. Far from it actually. My sister is a pretty big fan, and she got into it quite long ago. I absolutely hated it. In many ways it is pretty annoying. You have no idea what the language is, the songs are pretty weird and wacky sometimes, so I honestly would understand if you, as a reader, are personally not a big fan.

I slowly warmed to it by watching variety shows. The one I distinctly remember is Let’s Go Dream team, which in many ways, I feel is an earlier version of Wipeout/American Ninja Warrior albeit easier and I guess with the less comedic tone that is Wipeout. Those are pretty easy to watch for any outsider in general, I feel. But I feel that at the time it was an anomaly rather than a regularity. I still hadn’t accepted it.

The one thing that I would say fully converted me would be the drama I Hear Your Voice. To this day, I will reiterate that it is my favourite drama I have watched so far. The plot excellent, the comedic value appropriate. It was what I guess captured my attention and brought be into this weird and wacky world of Kpop.

Since then I guess I grew to accept a lot of other things. Kpop I guess came really slowly, but I personally ONLY listen to kpop now, which in many ways has been quite a slow but extreme transition. My Spotify playlist is here (if you want to listen to some of the Korean songs on my playlist):


But quite frankly, I appreciate a lot of Korean things. Things as simple as the food (side dishes are the bomb, and I guess if I absolutely had to choose a favourite food, it would probably be Korean), to the fashion sense to I guess my life in general. I see a lot of things that I kind of resonate with Korean culture. I would feel its given me something to talk about with girls too. Not many girls I guess have seen someone as into Korean dramas (which I have watched a whole ton of) as I am – and I’m not just talking about relative to other guys.

Nowadays I find myself on NetizenBuzz a lot as well. Which is weird, because I feel I am so out of touch with current affairs of other countries (I used to read a lot more news via newspapers) but I’m so up to date with regards to Korean celebrity and I guess political affairs.

Personally, it is sometimes pretty hard for me to keep up with my workload in university (in Med School at the moment) and to commit to dramas at the same time. Sometimes I almost feel it is really counter intuitive for me to watch, but I just do it anyways. But whatever I guess, at least I’m on my holidays right now, so I’m binging on quite a few.

Any of you guys out there kPop fans? Share a drama that you love! I would love to watch some good ones. I’m presently enjoying Suspicious Partner.

Probably gonna do a few more food blogs in the next few days. 🙂

2 thoughts on “An Obsession With Korean Culture

  1. Im currently obsessed with both Kpop and Kdramas too. Haha

    One drama I would recomend is Comeback, Mister. Just watched it not too long ago and thought it was pretty cool. Its about two guys who pass away but get a chance to comeback and settle some unfinished business. Except they comeback in different bodies. lol


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