Growing up, I’ve played a whole lot of sports. From swimming, to golf, to badminton and bowling, I would like to think that I’ve had my hand in trying quite a few sports. At the moment, I’ve retained a (at least I think to myself) relatively high level at bowling and badminton.

However, one things that I’ve always struggled with is running. Don’t get me wrong, I am a quite physically fit male. 73kg at 1.83m, and the fact that I probably play badminton twice a week (training, high intensity) and bowling 2 times as well (20 games –> approximately 500 balls rolled at around 8kg) should probably be enough to understand that I’m a pretty physically active person, right?

But I guess those two really don’t help the running side of things. I acknowledge that one of my weaknesses on the badminton court would be that whilst I am fast, I do tend to deteriorate on the legs side of the sport more quickly. A frequent scene would be me bending over gasping for breath, but I guess in many ways I’m trying to change that.

I guess that’s why I’ve made it my goal to definitely up my running this holiday. Today is the first day of my commitment to run more, and after today, whilst tired, I definitely think there’s a lot more room to improve and further my distance. Today’s run was something like 2.15km at a 6 min/km kind of pace, and I guess I was at my limits.


I’m obsessed with speed over distance, and the worst part is that I’m not even THAT fast. But I’m definitely pushing the speed that I should be running at if I want to run a longer distance. I definitely try to tone it down most of the times, but sometimes I can’t help but feel that I just want to run fast, for at the very most, 6 min/km pace.

I guess it all starts with setting smart and attainable goals for myself. But at present, I’m not quite sure if what I should be doing is to keep my distance/go for a longer distance/run a shorter, faster paced distance.

Ultimately, for now my goals I guess would be to run 8km for this week. I think that whilst it is definitely a pretty easy goal to attain as long as I commit to at the bare minimum, 4 sessions of running, I think its something that I need in order to get my feet of the ground and on the track.

What are your running goals? Any running tips anyone? A pretty new person with regard to the actually running side of things.

via Daily Prompt: Commit

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