Nicknames Growing Up

Normally I don’t  make a habit of posting something directly about the daily post, but today was just too tempting. The very reason? That this was pretty much my nickname growing up!

I mean seriously, look  click on one of my Instagram photos on my sidebar and it’ll take you to my Instagram feed, where my nickname contains the exact word. As with many nicknames, this propped up because of its striking similarity to my name. I don’t really want to disclose my real full name here, as I don’t really want friends finding my private blog, but I can just tell you that my first name is Law and my second is Li. I guess that kinda just made room for the lollipop nickname to come up.

I guess when I was younger a lot of people called me by my nickname. As you would expect, I kinda moved a bit away from that childish image as I got into my college and university years. But that’s how people I guess kinda remember you. I think it suits me personally. Cheerful, and sweet. Now that’s just me being awfully humble now, isn’t it? XD

Nowadays a lot of people just call me by my last name (as in the second part of what I guess Westerners consider to be my non-surname).

But I guess its really funny to think that you don’t exactly want to keep that childish image for your whole life and that transition from being that little boy/girl to becoming that adult. It does make me wonder who made being an adult so boring? Why is it that we all get so rigid as we’re going up. The name becomes more standard and friendship becomes a whole lot more complicated.

When we were young, what popped into your head about a person, “Yeah, I’ll call you that”. But as we grow older, that solemn handshake and the nod of the head as you meet. The standard “How are you” formalities and the lack of personality of pretty much everyone you kind of meet. How I wish I was still a kid.

via Daily Prompt: Lollipop

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