Med School Adventures | Year 3

Wow, it’s been busy. Not that I’ve been studying too hard though. Lots of procrastinating here and there, but there sure has been a lot of things to cover as I enter this Year 3.

The transition from the pre-clinical years of just sitting through the lectures and listening to lecturers drone on and on are done, and I guess if I were to describe the experience so far, I at least have to fake it till I make it. Lots of questions both ways, from the lecturers to the students and vice versa. I can’t really just cram it all in in the last month or so, its got to be repetitive, its got to be systematic.

One big difference is that there definitely is a lot of interaction. I kind of feel a little more dumbed down considering I pretty much can’t answer questions the lecturers give on a weekly basis now. Lecturers kinda giving me that “Why did you even bother coming without properly preparing” look every now and then, so it is a bit of a change.

The hospital teachings are different too. An overview of my week at the moment would be like this. Every week we have a general system to cover. Let’s say I recently did my Abdominal week. So, we would have just a general case discussion on Monday, whereby we would be talking about a pretty general case. Monday and Tuesday would also consist of lectures covering I guess the core conditions to be discussed further. Wednesday, Thursday would be at the hospital, finding patients, talking to them and performing some physical examinations. (Usually morning) Then in the afternoon we would discuss each of the cases and the findings.

Friday morning would be discussing a few multiple choice questions and what would be the best respective choices coupled with discussion of cases we saw in the hospitals. The afternoon would then be talking about the respective imaging for that particular week and an introduction to the forthcoming week.

But its been busy. No denying that. But for now, I guess gotta fake it till I make it.

Recently, I’ve been running a lot more now, pretty much every other day, so I guess I will be talking about that in a future post. A little busy to conjure up more creative or recollection stories at the moment, so I guess what’s on my mind will have to suffice. What’s been happening in your lives?

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