Road to Being a Doctor

I guess unconventional would be a good word to describe me. A little bit out there, a little bit crazy. I’m the type of person who holds true to my own principles and believes that even if 99 people think that the right answer is “A”, I will stick with my guns and go with “B” despite knowing the above fact.

In many ways, despite being in my third year of medical school, I don’t like the idea of my life being set in stone. Becoming a houseman, then a medical officer, and then a GP/specialist in a particular field. It all seems so rigid. It is like any Tom, Dick and Harry can kinda get there in the end if you put in the time and effort to get there. I guess that’s why I think I want to carve my own path.

In many ways, whilst I’ve always wanted to be a doctor growing up, now I’m slowly realising that there are other paths. In this day and age, I almost feel it is a millennial thing that you should be able to carve your own path, make your own future, and it is a leap that I’m trying to find.

I’ve always been into technology. Blockchain, medical tech, I love it all. I guess it is the main reason why I want to give it a shot. I hate the idea of being constrained to a set path, like the future is laid out to me, and in many ways it is what most people withย  a MBBS degree are constrained to. I mean, what else, can even come close with regards to the challenge and the money.

I want to find my own way to ascend up the ranks, to make myself known. To help others, to allow others to find their way.

A really powerful quote by Bill Gates goes as such:

As we look aheadย into the next century, leaders will be those whoย empower others

Bill Gates

I believe it is the essence of the 21st century. With so many doctors out there, it is up to everyone to either blend in with the crowd or find the next Eureka moment yourself. The road’s long and tough, and I know my parents will pretty much think I’ve gone bad, but I’m at least going to go for it.

via Daily Prompt: Ascend

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