Everything Can Change

Today I was just on my computer, checking the news, and I ran into a video of Gordon Hayward (Basketball player for the Boston Celtics) having a bad fall, subsequently suffering from a fractured ankle. Just a warning if you go and look for it, it really isn’t for the faint-hearted.

https://cdn.nba.net/nba-drupal-prod/styles/landscape/http/nba.cdn.turner.com/nba/big/video/2017/10/17/866b3fcd-a199-4bd3-9f1c-43240510a9b2.nba_1_1280x720.jpg?itok=hstQC_yrIt really got be to thinking, though. It really is amazing how fragile life can be. Whether it be an accident, whether it be just a heart attack that happens out of the blue. It really only takes a second sometimes that can determine the trajectory of your life, or even death.

Gordon Hayward’s injury is unfortunate, really unfortunate. He was a highly anticipated new signing for the Celtics. Almost a franchise player now, if it wasn’t for Kyrie Irving, which has not only changed their fortunes, but also his career in the NBA. You kinda wince whenever you see that video.

The Celtics? Wow, Kyrie must really be regretting the move though. I hate to say it, but Lebron’s really going to have it easy this year.

Injury: Fractured Tibia with dislocated ankle.

You can almost feel the pain as he fell to the ground. I guess it just motivates myself to I guess not just study, but to experience things. To do things I haven’t done before. Life really and truly is fragile. I’d like to think that this really is our only one and only shot to get it right, so slowly I just wanna get out there and do things, rather then stay at home and grind with the books.

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