What a title, I know, but I can explain. Today I’ll just be talking about my two first kisses. One definitely being more embarrassing than the other, so I hope you guys will enjoy the two stories. The two first kisses I am in fact talking about are one that I’ve received and one I’ve given. To two different girls, under two very different circumstances.

So, the first story comes from my O Level years. That’s IGCSE, or basically a 15/16-year-old equivalent around the world. At the time, there was a girl I was having a ‘some’ with. A ‘some’ is basically Korean slang for we both like each other, there’s definitely something there, but nothing’s really official. Haven’t gone out for dates, basically the main point is that we really like hanging out together.

We had reached the point we pretty much wanted to make it official, saying really cheesy stuff online, and all that, but still nothing concrete. I don’t know if this day changed that in the wrong direction or not, but basically this was as far as we ever got in whatever relationship we were having with one another. There was a football competition. We were playing this silly betting game, where we would guess who would win the game. It got to where the punishment was that the loser had to give the winner a kiss on the cheek.

So, I won. And you probably already guessed that this is the receiving one. One day, after school, she kissed me on the cheek. The 16-year-old Asian boy that was me got really shy. I mean, there was really nothing that changed in the relationship, just that we knew more strongly how we felt to one another. But ultimately, the relationship faded. I have my regrets. One of the nicest girls I’ve ever known, and she had the heart to forgive me after the terrible things I did to her. (don’t worry, it’s not abuse or anything, but I ghosted her pretty badly)

A few years down the road, and I’m in my first year of university. I met a girl in my course, who is my girlfriend to this very day. We got together around December-ish. My first ‘official’ relationship, ever. I had already said something embarrassing when we first held hands. When we first held hands, I decided to commit cringe suicide when I asked her ‘Are you shy doing these kinds of things’. Many regrets about my life decisions sometimes.

So ultimately, we decided to go to this fun fair event on New Year’s Eve together to usher in the new year. 11:55, and I’m nervous as hell. I’m not sure fully whether she knew what I was going to do that day, as that was her first kiss on the receiving end too, but 12:00 and the fireworks go off.

I think ‘fu** it’ and go for it. And I pretty much fluff it. I was going for a kiss on her cheek, but she moved her head. Where I ended up? Somewhere between her lips and her nose. Not really much more I can mess up. To top it off, I decided to commit cringe suicide part 2 and say to her ‘don’t worry, I won’t say anything weird this time’. Jesus Christ, I can be an odd person sometimes. But it’s something we look back upon, as a fond memory. Something she always brings up as a story when meeting friends of ours.

What are your first kiss stories like? Anything worse than mine? I’d love to hear! Leave a comment and a like if you enjoyed the story! Interaction is always appreciated on this blog of mine!

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