I’m not that one to watch soppy love dramas too often, but this was one that I felt I could really get behind. Having an Asian background, I’m all for Asian American representation in Hollywood (or at least Netflix in this case). Lana Condor does a stellar job in what’s her big b

reak into the industry.


And until the end, I’m still angry she doesn’t get her hair tie back. But jokes aside, here’s just a short summary of what happens.

So, the story follows Lara Jean, a girl depicted as uncool girl who feels like she has limited, if any, impact on the world (of course, we get back to that later). She has two sisters, one about to fly off to Scotland for her university studies – older than her – and a younger, really quirky little sister.

So, the whole premise of the story is such that she has had big crushes on what must be around 5 guys? But only two here are of any relevance. First, Josh, her sister’s now ex-boyfriend who she has had a crush on for the longest time. The other? Peter, who she happened to kiss in a game of spin the bottle when she was a lot younger. She decides, hey, what a good idea it would be to write letters that they will never see and keep them in a box, wouldn’t that be great?

Long story short, her sister gives all 5 of the letters, and they see it. Lara Jean thinks the most meaningful one was to Josh, so she figures out this elaborate fake relationship with Peter. Then, queue a typical love story where they like each other’s quirks, and grow to like each other. All this with the added drama that Peter agrees to be part of this to get his ex-girlfriend back (although that was Lara Jean’s fault). They fall in love, they fight, they fall in love, she fights for her love back. That’s pretty much the story here.

I feel in general, its worth a watch. Not if you hate sappy rom-coms, but I thought this was a good watch in general. Lana Condor and Noah Centineo (Peter in the show) made this a really enjoyable watch, and clicked well together.

Some parts were mediocre, almost not done properly, I’m not sure if it was the acting, the view or whatever, but some of it just feels incomplete, but I guess that’s what you get when you’re making a Netflix movie sometimes. Definitely worth a watch though!

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