It’s the Little Things

I’m petty. Like really petty. Maybe it is anxiety, maybe I just believe that a word should be kept. I’m the type that gets mad with things that I hope people inside their heads understand, but I know they ultimately don’t.

I probably lost you there.

So let me explain.

Let’s say I show you (for the purpose of the example, you are something like my best friend) a movie trailer, and you say let’s watch it together, I expect that statement to be honoured. So I WILL be pissed when I’ve rejected my own family with whom wanted to watch the movie with me, and then I see it on your Snapchat story. You come in nonchalantly and pretend like life’s normal. I will be pissed.

Second part to the story. Let’s say I’ve already made a point to you that I hate it when you (same example) are late for meetings for lunch/dinner with me let’s say. Then after said movie where you watched with your friends, you decide, hey, it’s okay to be late. You lost me there.

I’m not just angry, I’m pretty darn furious.

Maybe I’m just angry a lot. Maybe I read a signal wrong. Maybe it all happened today. Maybe I’m just talking rubbish. Anyways, what have you guys been up to today? Would love to know what you guys were up to this lovely weekend.

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