DISCLAIMER: Below are the thoughts of a student doing part-time driving for the sake of a few extra bucks. Do additional research of your own in order to make an informed decision about driving for Grab. (I drive in Johor area)

Signing Up

Signing up to be a grab driver is easy enough. What you’ll be expected to provide is the normal things, your details, your IC, your driving licence and your car insurance cover note. Then, you do this quiz about general driving. There is a online course I believe, where you can learn for the test, but if you do sufficient driving in general, you should be able to do it without the help. It has questions like what should you do if the customer tells you to speed, stuff like that. (Multiple choice format)

A lot of the details to sign up can just be followed here: https://www.grab.com/my/driver/car/

Arguably the most annoying part about starting the whole process is that for some reason, whether it be for reliability issues or what not, you have to bring the documents to a Grab office yourself. I can’t really find a way to do the submissions online, as they seemingly want to do it because they want to make sure the photo of yours is alright for the app, so you got to make the long trip to one of the grab drivers centers and submit all those documents.

List of the locations can be found here:Β https://www.grab.com/my/driver/gdc/

Starting Out

Don’t be me! I was confused for a while why I wasn’t getting any riders. It took me a while, but I finally kinda understood. You actually need to have RM 10 in your Grab wallet to actually start getting customers. What this is for? This is for Grab to deduct your commissions, meaning it is almost a bit odd initially. You pretty much need RM 20 topped up in your wallet to start with. (after your first ride, you’ll be short of RM10, so I recommend you start by just topping up RM 20 straight away)

After that you’re ready to go. Just switch on your settings, I recommend starting with accepting manually just to get into the swing of things, and then you’re ready to go! You can just start picking up customers.

Tips & Tricks I’ve Learnt

FIRST OF ALL: Fuel economy. A lot has to do with fuel economy. To be honest, I drive a Honda HRV, so you’re talking about a 1.8L car. Not worth it considering the depreciation, fuel consumption, etc. But I think it definitely is worth getting a few rides in on the way back home, etc. So you want to ideally use a very fuel efficient car, reduce the weight of your car by reducing the amount of things in your car.

Second tip: Auto-accept. A lot of their incentive schemes REQUIRE you to switch on your auto-accept. So if you’re not too picky about where you’re driving to, just switch it on. Not only do you benefit from the additional incentive schemes, but from the general commisions as well. Grab takes 25% of the commissions if you manually accept, but 20% if you auto-accept, so it may be well worth it if you’re going to accept anyways. (With manual accept, your low acceptance score doesn’t really help with the incentives and such as well)

Third Tip: Pick your times! Driving peak hours definitely pays better for that one hour compared to a dead, middle of the night kind of hour. It definitely varies by location, so do definitely check it out. You have a few different tiers: Mega peak, Ultra Peak, High Peak, Peak and Bonus. You can earn upwards of RM 50 if you drive during the Mega Peak hours, if you hit a certain number of rides, but it does vary on location and time of year, so do check the calendar for your given location.

Fourth Tip: If you drive through toll, just record it in the app straight. There’s an area in the app where you can add on costs incurred via toll (I think you go to a few pages next, then you can press edit for the toll, etc.). Please do yourself a favour and fill it up whenever you pass a toll. You don’t want to be the person who personally loses money whenever you forget about a toll (or even multiples of them).

Just General Thoughts

It’s really nice to do Grab driving just for part-time. You do tend to have to wait around 5 minutes for the rides to come up. I always happen to end up picking up people from the same supermarket because of the nature of the area, but I think its fine.

Lots of people from different places, that I’ve picked up. So it is definitely worth just talking with your customer (if they don’t mind, sometimes they’ll just vote you down out of spite). Personally for me, I feel that with a HRV, people are more willing to give you tips for a comfortable ride, so it is definitely worth using what you have to your advantage.

I think it is hard to make it full time, despite the stories about it. But I think it is doable if you can be efficient (and a good driver) while doing it. If you guys have any questions, please do leave your thoughts in the comments section below, I would love to answer any queries pertaining to grab car :).

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