Starting a blog and not sure what you want to blog about? Here are 5 kickass ideas for you to make a successful blog.

Before deciding on what to blog about ….

What this post will detail will quite simply just be ideas, of things that at the moment people are scouring the internet for. I’m not telling you 100% that you NEED to blog about these 6 things, I’m just telling you that these ideas/niches will likely be able to get you more clicks because of the trendy nature of these blog themes.

A few things you are going to want to consider when choosing the general direction of your blog. I would suggest the theme you choose should be:

  1. Timeless. Well, you get the idea. You want the post to be as relevant a year or two from now, as it is right now. You want something readers can come back to, no matter the time, and for it to either enrich the reader, or at least give the reader a good laugh. So before you go off and write about something that we’ll all forget a year or two from now, maybe think about it again

    Of course that’s not saying that you shouldn’t write about the latest trends, because people will be interested. I’m just saying that it is a lot more work if you’re going to pump out content which can’t be reused again in, let’s say a month from now.

  2. Something you are at least moderately passionate about. What I’d like to think is that a way you can decide what you want to blog about would be to just look at your social media. For me, I think Reddit works great. The things I’m subscribed to, or the things I follow on Facebook and Twitter make for things that I would say I’m passionate to write about.

    It even works both ways. You won’t get bored and scour the internet for ideas about what to blog like what you’re doing right now, you’ll be able to just explore different areas of your given niche/topic.

  3. Please make it at least moderately practical. An example I would give is that if you want to do a digital accessories review kind of website, at least have a few things or at least a budget to work with. You’re going to run out of ideas pretty darn quickly once you review everything you have in your house (unless you’re a really big tech geek who actually uses rather than watches YouTube videos about digital accessories).

So, here is my list of 6 trendy blogs for you to start today.

1. How to be successful online

Guess what you searched up or caught your attention when you clicked onto this post? It was basically on a premise that I was going to teach you how to build a successful online web presence. Guess what internet marketers always teach you to do in those online courses (which people do buy, I must add)? It is how to make money online!

It is something that fundamentally won’t go away. People will always be interested in how to make money online, and people will always want to learn how to make blogs, etc.

2. Your Favourite Team

Sports, celebrities, doesn’t really matter. Something that there will definitely be room for a lot to talk about is your favourite sports team or even celebrity.

You can post the latest news relevant to your chosen person/team, and even write some opinion pieces about it. From their latest jersey/fashion look, to the latest transfer/relationship gossip, there’s really a lot to talk about with regard to your favourite team/celebrity.

3. Study Notes

A student in university or college? Fret not, there’s a way to study while blogging at the same time! In my own personal experience, doing this makes you find easier ways to get your reader (and yourself) to remember things better.

From an easy topic which you want to explain fully to a hard topic where you post good mnemonics or ways that you personally learnt the concept, it is a good way to almost multitask with studying and blogging at the same time, and trust me when I say this, lots of people are finding easier ways for themselves to understand something they slept through in class (I would know).

4. Food Blogs

What doesn’t change as long as humans roam the Earth? The need for food to survive! Well maybe it’s not that dramatic but food recipe blogs are something that are both timeless and creative to talk about if you’ve got some cool recipes you’ve learnt over the years.

Perhaps choose a cuisine that you’re more familiar with and start with posting recipes in a way that perhaps captures the reader’s attraction. Maybe bring in something new with the way you present your food blog.

(Oh, and there’s also going around and reviewing restaurants near and far too XD)

5. Do it Yourself Blogs

Good at storing things neatly? Or perhaps even creative enough to get your hands dirty and building something that makes your day to day life easier? Do it yourself blogs are great, as everyone is finding away to make their day-to-day life simpler.

Whether it be gardening, organisation or even fixing up some electronics, loads of people are finding ways to fix things via the internet rather than taking it to the local handyman.

So Now It’s Your Turn!

There’s 5 great ideas for you to blog about! Now get out there and get some of that traffic!

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