Med School Things | Why I Hate Group Work

I'm pretty triggered right now, so please excuse me if it just comes off as a giant ramble. It was about a couple of incidents that happened over a series of a few weeks which makes me like this. So, as always, a little background. Personally, I think I'm not the type of person who … Continue reading Med School Things | Why I Hate Group Work

Out of Love

Love. Complicated, isn't it? Innocent and warm, cold and without reason. I guess different people with different experiences would say different things about it. Today I'm mainly just going to be venting about my personal relationship experience. I started dating my current girlfriend about 2 years ago (between and a half to 2 years) and … Continue reading Out of Love

Finding Life’s Purpose

Lately, I feel like I have been overcome by a lot of inspiration. One in particular was a video. The man was a refugee of some sort who achieved I guess his interpretation of success. That video has, in many ways has changed me and forced me to rethink about what I personally find important … Continue reading Finding Life’s Purpose