Road to Being a Doctor

I guess unconventional would be a good word to describe me. A little bit out there, a little bit crazy. I'm the type of person who holds true to my own principles and believes that even if 99 people think that the right answer is "A", I will stick with my guns and go with … Continue reading Road to Being a Doctor

Med School Things | Why I Hate Group Work

I'm pretty triggered right now, so please excuse me if it just comes off as a giant ramble. It was about a couple of incidents that happened over a series of a few weeks which makes me like this. So, as always, a little background. Personally, I think I'm not the type of person who … Continue reading Med School Things | Why I Hate Group Work


Today I've got a pretty simple, but deep post. I guess I'm writing this post mainly because of something my girlfriend brought up about myself the other day, and I just can't help it. I wrote a few days ago about how I will always think logically and say what's on my mind, even if … Continue reading Realist

Thick Skin

I'd like to think that one of my attributes would be that I'm utterly thick skin. Like REALLY thick skin. I think I mentioned on a previous post that I like to think logically and make sure that my point of view is correct before actually showing that's my inkling, so I guess this post … Continue reading Thick Skin