The Running Grind Restarts

So, late July 2017, I began my running journey. Possibly for the millionth time, where I said to myself that I’m going to be consistent and make it a habit to run. And for the first time, it stuck.

Just a bit of background. I’m a slim 21 going 22 year old with a history of playing a bunch of sports (to a fairly competitive level – bowling, badminton, play football and basketball to a recreational level as well). But one thing I feel like I’ve always been pretty bad with is the whole idea of running. I’ve tried multiple times to get back on the treadmill to run, and perhaps that’s been the mistake. I’ve learnt that I enjoy it better out on the road.

So, late July I signed up for my first running ‘race’. Trained with what limited knowledge I had, and just went out there and had a little bit of fun. The result? A 46 minute 6.4 km. Of course at that point in time, I had no clue what that perhaps even meant and how to improve it. But it did awaken this desire to improve myself after I finished it. I somehow convinced my sister to go, because I was this shy person who didn’t want to do it alone.Screenshot 2018-07-25 12.00.48

But it’s been something I’ve grown to learn. Always been a struggle running slow to train for faster runs. Mileage has been pretty low. Peak would be around 31 km in a week, but my progression has always been rather slow because I’ve always wanted to play around with a bit more speed work.

Recently, for about 3 weeks, I’ve really just put all the breaks on running for the sake of my exam period. Really been stressed out, and at best, just gone out for short 20 minute jogs just to get that stress out, so mileage has been poor at best. Previous long runs were around 11km, but I would think I would struggle with that now.

A run I went out for yesterday? I struggled to complete 3km. 3km! I mean I feel running is always relative to the runner, but at those speeds and at that distance, I know that even for a light jog that shouldn’t have been too bad. Just gotta keep at it and go again. Starting from scratch, couch to 5k style.